Week 3 – The fun continues

Week #3 is in the books, and there’s 21 weeks to go. 


No ski trip this past week, unfortunately, but I am going again this week, and it may end up being the last time this season.  Snow should be great.

With respect to the training, I didn’t get as much time in as last week, but the workouts were good, quality ones.  My long run earlier today was great, mostly because we’ve been getting nothing but snow, and today was a wonderful 67 degrees and sunny.  So nice.

Rather than write a long blog today, I’m going to post a mid-week update, this time on nutrition.  I’ll share what I’m doing daily, and focus on pre-workout and recovery meals.  I’ll let you know where I get my information, and why I structure my nutrition the way I do.  It’s a work in progress, but I think that’s what it always should be.  I know without a doubt that I’ll have it dialed in by race day.

Thanks for reading.

Train On!!


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