Week 4

Week #4 is behind us, and there’s 20 weeks to go.  Seems like it’s right around the corner!  I did get a ski trip in this past week, on Wednesday.  The snow was indeed great, and I got an opportunity to ski down from the very top of the continental divide, starting at 12,722 feet.  It was surreal.

I’ve been working on the nutrition blog that I promised everyone.  I should have it posted by tomorrow.

With respect to the training this past week, it was one of the best weeks so far.  The swimming is finally starting to come together (a little), and I can feel a bit more stamina in each of the disciplines.  For the bike workouts, I did one on a spin bike, and the other on my road bike, on the trainer.  The weather improved markedly on Sunday, so I was able to do my long run outside, with my friend, LJ.  It was 23 degrees Fahrenheit at 7am when we started, and 28 degrees when we finished.  It was tolerable (I’ve run in far colder weather), and humorous to see both of us with frost all over our hats when we were done.  LJ will be joining me on some of my long runs, which will be a welcome change from long, lonely efforts.  Great to have a training partner sometimes.

I did substitute one of my run workouts for that ski day, so I’ll be good for now, and run when I’m supposed to.   (Maybe…)

To remind everyone what the training plan looks like, here is it:

Weeks 1-6: Prep (so I’m four weeks into this phase)

Weeks 7-10: Base 1

Weeks 11-14: Base 2

Weeks 15-18: Base 3

Weeks 19-22: Build

Weeks 23-24: Peak/Taper

As I said above, I can feel more stamina.  Essentially, the zone 2 rides and runs are getting easier, and I can do more speed/distance at the same heart rate.  That shows an improvement in the aerobic system, which is exactly what this phase is designed to do.  I’m going to get another assessment done in April at the Colorado Center for Health and Sports Science (COCHSS) by my friend, Dr. Neil Wolkodoff.  I’ll get an idea of how my VO2 max has changed, and we’ll have an opportunity to reassess both my anaerobic threshold, and my heart rate zones.  We’re going to compare the results to the Freil method and see where we come out.  That’ll be the topic of a blog post in April.  My last assessment was December 31, 2013.

The next four weeks are going to be tough, because I have a horrendous travel schedule coming up.  I’ll be flying every week, so between travel and staying in hotels, it’ll take structure and discipline to maintain the training, nutrition, and recovery regimen.

Thanks for reading.

Train On!!


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