Week 6 – Viva Las Vegas!

6 down, 18 to go….
Week 6 Workout Grade: B
Week 6 Nutrition Grade: C


 This week, I added a new page to the 5430tri.com website, called Resources.  I’ll be updating this on a regular basis.  Back in week #2, I reviewed a bunch of online triathlon resources related to activity tracking, education, etc.  I’ve consolidated links to these sites on one page, and will be adding more sites as I become familiar with them.  It’s not all-inclusive, but I consider it somewhat of a toolbox, of which some of the tools are used more frequently than others.  Check back once in a while, and there will be new stuff.

We’re now done with week #6. This is a nice milestone. I can now move on to a new phase, moving from the Prep phase into Base 1, and will be continuing to build my aerobic endurance, while adding some emphasis on muscular force and speed skills. Other skills, such as muscular endurance, anaerobic endurance, and sprint power all come later, toward the very end of the Base periods, and throughout the Build period. By far, the most important thing to develop is aerobic endurance, as this serves as the foundation for the rest of the skills. Essentially, the Base periods make you fitter, and the Build period makes you faster.If you remember from the review of week #4, these are the phases:

Weeks 1-6: Prep (Just finished the last week of this phase)
Weeks 7-10: Base 1
Weeks 11-14: Base 2
Weeks 15-18: Base 3
Weeks 19-22: Build
Weeks 23-24: Peak/Taper

In the Base 1 period, my training volume will increase, and it’s also when I start doing multiple disciplines in a given day. On Tuesdays and Fridays, I have either a run or a bike after my swim.So, now that I’m officially done with the Prep period, let’s see how I’m doing as far as building my fitness. To measure this, we’ll use Efficiency Factor (EF). For the bike, this is the ratio of heart rate and power. For the run, it’s the ratio of heart rate and pace. Theoretically, I should be able to produce more power (or a faster pace) for a given heart rate at this point in my training versus when I started. The bike calculation is Normalized Power (NP) divided by average heart rate. We’d do this calculation for the portion of my weekly ride that was done primarily in Zone 2, just under the point where I’d start to become anaerobic. I ideally want to see the EF increase throughout the period. Since my week runs Monday-to-Sunday, and I do my long rides on Saturdays, the test dates correspond to those Saturday rides. My long runs are on Sundays, so the run data is from those runs. Here is the data:
Week # Period Test Dates Bike EF Run EF
1 Prep 2/22-23 0.94 1.04
2 Prep 3/1-2 0.95 1.07
3 Prep 3/8-9 0.96 1.11
4 Prep 3/15-16 0.98 1.19
5 Prep 3/22-23 0.99 1.08
6 Prep 3/29-30 1.23 1.22

As you can see, both the bike and run EF increased weekly. The only anomaly was the run workout on 3/23, where my EF dipped for some reason. That was a treadmill run, where the others were outside, so that may have something to do with it. Also, the increase in both bike and run in week 6 is a bit suspect… The bottom line is that the data shows what I was hoping. My EF, thus my aerobic fitness, seems to be increasing weekly. I won’t bore everyone with weekly measurements on this, but will check progress at the end of each period. You can improve what you’re not measuring… for more info on this, you can read Joe Friel’s article on Training Peaks website here.

As for the week itself, my time in Las Vegas was challenging, but not as bad as it could have been, for sure.

Workout Grade: B
Nutrition Grade: C

Workout Report

I’m done with Vegas for a few weeks, but I’m on the road this week in San Jose. The Vegas trip had a lot of work pressures, but I still had time to get my workouts in, again excepting the Friday swim (damn!). I was able to run outside, but had to bike in the gym. I had to laugh at something in the gym, though… some guy running on one of the treadmills was wearing an Ironman visor. I looked more closely, and saw he was also wearing an Ironman shirt. When I jumped off the bike at the end of my ride, the guy happens to walk up next to me at the water cooler, and I see he’s also wearing Ironman shorts. This guy was totally decked out. Figured he’d just finished his first Ironman race or something like that, so I asked him… “Which Ironman race have you done?” He stuck his nose up in the air, and very arrogantly said, “I’ve finished nine of them, so I guess it depends on which one you’re talking about.” He then proceeded to walk away without another word. What a jerk. It was so over-the-top that it made me laugh. In all seriousness, though, we’re all ambassadors of the sport, and if you’re running around dressed to the hilt in Ironman gear, don’t be a douche.

My running partner, LJ, was available, so we ran together on Sunday. Another nice spring day.

I am striving to get an A next week on my workout grade, by getting in all my workouts, and making them quality ones.

Nutrition Report

Nutrition during a convention is challenging, but it worked out okay this week. Kept the alcohol to a minimum (despite the protests of all those around me), and primarily stayed on track with the meals. I gave myself a C because I didn’t get in all my snacks, and even though I ate good meals, I could have done better on timing. I did indulge in a burger on Friday, too. On Monday, I wasn’t able to eat dinner until almost midnight. I didn’t touch on meal timing in my nutrition blog, but eating every 2-3 hours should be the goal.

Preworkout Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
(Recovery, Travel Day)
n/a Breakfast Sandwich (Egg, Ham) n/a Salmon, Grilled Vegetables Yogurt, Granola Sushi
n/a Veggie Omelette n/a Prime Rib, Ravioli, Salad Yogurt, Granola Prime Rib, Bread
Hammer Gel Chicken Breast, Egg Whites, Oatmeal n/a Hamburger Patty, Rice, Scrambled Egg Hummus and Pretzels Chicken Avocado Sandwich
Hammer Gel Egg Whites, Ham, Tomatoes, Pancake n/a Roast Turkey, Grits, Tomatoes Clif Bar Hamburger Patty, Rice, Scrambled Egg
(Missed Swim, Travel Day)
n/a Egg Whites, Ham, Tomatoes, Pancake n/a Clif Bar Wheat Crackers Cheeseburger, Tater Tots
(Long Ride)
Hammer Gel, Clif Bar during ride Chocolate Mile (recovery), Egg White Omelette with Artichoke, Spinach and Turkey n/a Chicken Salad Wrap Peanut Butter and Crackers Seared Ahi, Broccoli, Brown Rice
(Long Run)
Almond Butter and Jelly on English Muffin Yogurt, Granola, Banana, Egg Whites, Bacon Hummus and Pita Chips Chicken Salad Sandwich n/a Steak, Tater Tots, Brussels Sprouts, Salad

I’m looking forward to starting the Base 1 period. Stay tuned for more info…

Train On!!



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