Week 11 – Change of Scenery (4/28/14-5/4/14)

Well, that was different…

This is a pic of my team from the GORUCK Light event on May 3rd. I’m in the first row, on the end (dark green shirt). We covered a lot of ground, carried a lot of weight (including at least a couple of team members, just about the whole way), and had a great time. As far as the physical part, it was pretty tough. My shoulders, arms, core, and legs are really sore, and I pretty much lost the skin on both elbows and both knees, from having to low-crawl across a grass/dirt field multiple times. Pain, but in a good way… I would recommend these events to just about anyone that doesn’t have a severe physical disability. They’re great. Check it out: http://www.goruck.com/en/Events#.U2eUAk1eEdU

As for the week’s training and nutrition, all is well. On Tuesday, I managed to get a 2,000 yard swim in, followed by a 1 hour bike. Long workout, but oh, so good. A decent run on Wednesday, and another double workout on Thursday. I actually took Friday off, knowing I was doing GORUCK on Saturday. Glad I did, because by the time I finished GORUCK, I was completely spent. Slept good, though!

Next week is a travel week. Back to Vegas.


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