Week 12 – Vegas Train Wreck (5/5/14-5/11/14)

This pretty much sums up how this week went. My training pretty much left the tracks right after the GORUCK event on May 3rd. I took Sunday off, based on two things: 1) I was traveling to Las Vegas, and 2) I was so completely exhausted and sore from GORUCK that I needed the extra day. Little did I know that the trend would continue throughout the week.

I arrived in Vegas Sunday afternoon, with solid plans to get my swims, runs and rides done on schedule. Work, however, got me started about 7am each day, and I was out really late each night. Not really conducive to a training regimen. I did swim and bike throughout the week, and got one run in, but overall, they weren’t quality workouts, and despite my intentions, it was a poor performance.

I stayed on track, mostly, with nutrition, making sure to get all my meals and snacks in. Some of my food choices weren’t the best, and I had more alcohol than I should have throughout the week. That affected my training, also.

I’m halfway through the second base period, and overall fitness is still improving. My workouts are starting to involve small elements of Zone 3, mostly involving pushing it a bit harder on hills (on the bike), and incorporating 4-8 pickups on the mid-week runs.

On Sunday, Mother Nature stepped in, once again, and we got 2 feet of snow. Enough, already… didn’t spring begin way back in March? I had a very decent ride on Saturday, and did my long run on the treadmill on Sunday (yuck). An hour and 50 minutes on the treadmill is not the most awesome experience. Glad I stuck with it, though.

Next week, I’ll be back home, and given some decent weather, I think training should go well. I need to make the most of it, because I’m on the road again the following week. I also will spin up another educational post next week. I’ve learned a few things lately, and I’ll share in my next post.

Until then…

Train On!!!


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