Week 14 – The Saga Continues (5/19/14-5/25/14)

Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated

So here we are, done with Week 14. Unbelievable. Just 10 weeks to go until the big event: Ironman Boulder. At this point, I have just finished Base 2, and I’m moving on to Base 3. This will be the last phase in which I’m really trying to add to my base fitness. The foundation is almost complete… then on to the Build phase, where I’ll be working on strength and speed. I’m also only a bit more than a week away from the GORUCK Challenge, which is similar to what I did a couple of weeks ago, but this time with double the weight, and for twice the duration. It’s going to be tough, for sure.

Week 14

The week was spent on the road again, this time in San Francisco. I was able to travel on Monday, which is my recovery day, so that was great. I needed that after my long ride on Saturday, where I had pushed it pretty hard. I was at a conference from Monday-Thursday, so I had to spend a lot of time on my feet again. That is starting to be pretty tedious. The biggest issue with it is that it hampers recovery. I can really feel that at the end of a long day, when my feet hurt and my legs are San Franciscotired. You just push through it, of course, because there is no real alternative, but it’s not great.

The workouts got done, even though I was on the road. The closest gym in which I could swim had three lanes, and they were all pretty narrow. It was crowded, so I had to share a lane each time. On Tuesday, the guy next to me chose to do the butterfly about half the time, which is not the stroke I would have chosen for a crowded lane… just sayin’… The swim on Thursday wasn’t bad, and I was back in Colorado for my swim on Friday, so that seemed luxurious in comparison!

The bike sessions get boring when you have to spend an hour or more on a spin bike, especially after swimming. The worst part for me, though, is that I don’t get the data that I’m used to when I ride my own bike. I like to have power, distance, pace, etc. In fact, I’m obsessed with it, as many of you know that either know me, or read this blog. I can usually sustain the mental anguish of hours spinning, looking at a wall, but it’s the lack of data that drives me insane.

On Saturday, I got in another long ride. Better than therapy, in my opinion. The weather was finally warm enough that I didn’t have to bundle up like crazy, and the roads weren’t crowded. It really was the best ride in a long time. The durations continue to increase, so I’m now on the hunt for a riding partner that is about my level, so we can ride at the same pace for these 4-to-5 hour rides. Also, I’ll start doing my long rides on the course itself, to become familiar with each climb, each turn, etc. There was a new course map announced this week, for both the bike and the run, based on damage from last year’s massive flooding. Hats off to the City of Boulder for all the work done to repair damage. There are still some bad areas. I’ll be doing my long runs on the course, too.

Nutrition was primarily in check, although never easy when eating out every single night. The calorie count each day continues to rise, along with the exercise duration, so the fueling is working properly. I haven’t gained or lost any weight, and the body fat percentage is dropping, a tiny bit at a time.

I’m home again for the next week, but it looks like I’ll be traveling for 3-out-of-4 weeks in June. Sigh….

I hope everyone has a fantastic week. I will be posting a special race update for the Bolder Boulder 10K, after running that on Memorial Day (5/26). Until then…

Train On!!!


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