So, after completing Ironman Boulder, then having a mediocre Napa Valley Marathon, I decided to complete the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. That didn’t turn out so well either, as the swim got cancelled after we had already suited up and were on the boat. Disheartening to say the least.

It has been tough to get back into training. Working out is one thing, training is quite another. To improve my performance, I need a goal. Enter the Peloton bike… my ex-wife and best friend, Niki, had purchased a Peloton bike in May 2017, and has been riding it religiously since then. I was skeptical, because my idea of indoor training was to hook my bike into the trainer (an awesome Kinetic Rock n’ Roll Trainer) and just do what I needed to do. Once I rode her bike a couple of times, I saw how this could complement, not replace, my other training.

I bought my bike in September 2017, and have posted more than 150 rides since then, in addition to riding outside, and running. I have dramatically improved my fitness, and been entertained in the process.

I will spend more time profiling the bike, and what I see about it that’s different, and meanwhile, I will be searching for a race or ride to accomplish. That’s truly the next step.

Until then… TRAIN ON!!!


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