So, after completing Ironman Boulder, then having a mediocre Napa Valley Marathon, I decided to complete the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. That didn’t turn out so well either, as the swim got cancelled after we had already suited up and were on the boat. Disheartening to say the least.

It has been tough to get back into training. Working out is one thing, training is quite another. To improve my performance, I need a goal. Enter the Peloton bike… my ex-wife and best friend, Niki, had purchased a Peloton bike in May 2017, and has been riding it religiously since then. I was skeptical, because my idea of indoor training was to hook my bike into the trainer (an awesome Kinetic Rock n’ Roll Trainer) and just do what I needed to do. Once I rode her bike a couple of times, I saw how this could complement, not replace, my other training.

I bought my bike in September 2017, and have posted more than 150 rides since then, in addition to riding outside, and running. I have dramatically improved my fitness, and been entertained in the process.

I will spend more time profiling the bike, and what I see about it that’s different, and meanwhile, I will be searching for a race or ride to accomplish. That’s truly the next step.

Until then… TRAIN ON!!!


Preparing for the Swim

Here we are, in the middle of winter in Colorado, and it was 75 degrees yesterday.  Wow.  It is great weather to do just about any activity, and I was lucky enough to get in a nice ride earlier this week.  However, with my training plan starting on February 21st, I am still working through some strength training, and even more importantly, preparing for the swim.


The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon swim is 1.5 miles.  I have not swam that far since finishing Ironman Boulder in August 2014.  For the remainder of 2014, I focused on the bike.  In 2015, it was all about the run.  I made dramatic improvements in my running technique that translated directly to performance.  In August 2014, for 10K, my pace was about 9:50/mile.  As of the early 2016, I could hold a pace below 8:00/mile.  Encouraged by this success, for 2017, I will build on this by improving my swimming.  This, hopefully, will round out my triathlon skill set, and allow me to compete more effectively.

When I raced in Ironman Boulder, my swim was catastrophic.  I was aiming for a 1:20-1:30 swim time, but ended up swimming 2:06, coming too close to the 2:20 cutoff than I was comfortable with.  I felt horrendous, and cramped nearly the entire swim.  My legs were so compromised by that point, that it impacted the remainder of my race.  My 13 hour target became a 15:36 result.  I have heard a saying that goes something like, “you can’t win the race in the water, but you can certainly lose it.”  I am living proof.

That said, I want to prepare for the swim as though my life depended on it.  Once I’m in the chilly waters of San Francisco Bay, with who-knows-what in the water around me, I’m sure I’ll be glad I approached the preparation this way.

I am doing two main things to get ready for the swim, and many minor things that should contribute to my swimming success.  The first thing I did was to obtain a solid training plan.  I referenced that in the previous blog, and got the plan from Hypercat Racing in Ventura, CA.  The second thing I am doing is using knowledge gained by listening to the ‘Tower 26 – Be Race Ready’ podcast.  The podcasts can be found at or in iTunes.  These are great podcasts, and are focused exclusively on triathlon swimming.  As far as minor things, I am remaining very focused on critical strength training, core training, and nutrition.  I have always known that core training will help my swimming, but once I really got into the technique, it’s clear how much core is required to remain efficent.

In the coming weeks, we’ll talk about progress.  In the next post, I won’t be talking about swimming specifically, but instead I will discuss the difference between efficiency and power, as it relates to each of the three individual triathlon sports.  Hint: fitness + technique = performance.

Thanks again for reading, and until next time…



Official Training Plan

It all begins on Tuesday, February 21st.  I am going to utilize a 16-week training plan to get ready for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon on June 11th.  Two weeks before the race, on Memorial Day, I’ll participate (again) in the Bolder Boulder 10K.  It’s one of the nation’s largest 10k races, and I love running in it!  It should also be a good barometer of my running form.

My triathlon training plan comes from Hypercat Racing, and coach Rachel Sears Casanta (  I have been doing strength training, and some swimming, since December, and I have three more weeks before the formal plan kicks in.  Unfortunately, the starting week of my plan is the same week I’m traveling in Europe, so finding a pool might be tough, and my schedule will definitely be off.

As I get closer to the start of the plan, I’ll start posting more about the 16-week plan details.  If I am able to stay mostly compliant with the plan, it’s possible that I’ll have my best race ever!

With that, I’ll say goodbye for now, and until the next post…


Escape from Alcatraz 2017

Hey Folks…  Yet another race has been added to the calendar.  The Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon will take place on June 11th. I am going to utilize a 16-week training plan to prepare for the race, so that plan will officially start on February 20th, but I will be very focused on training before then.

The race is an iconic one – a bucket-list race for many (myself included) that are passionate about triathlon.  In the words of the race organizers, “The 2017 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon features a 1.5-mile swim from Alcatraz Island to the shores of the St. Francis Yacht Club, a grueling 18-mile bike ride, and a demanding 8-mile run through the trails of the Golden Gate Recreational Area. Set against the natural beauty of San Francisco, this thrilling triathlon is a virtual postcard of the City by the Bay.”  Should be awesome!

I have not remained in the best shape since racing last year.  My recurring back issues, combined with a stellar lack of motivation, set me back quite a ways.  I’m back in the saddle, though, and raring to go.

I’ll post a few blogs between now and race day, and just like all past races, I’ll post a race report afterwards.

It feels good to be back in touch.  Stay tuned for more, and until then, TRAIN ON!!!



Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon

Hi All!  I am back to training, now that I’ve signed up for another race.  In August, I’ll be running a half marathon from Georgetown to Idaho Springs, Colorado.  This will be the first time I’ve done this particular race, and my friend Jon told me that it’s a leg burner!  Looking forward to it, actually.  I’ve been a couch potato since running the Napa Valley Marathon in March, and I need something to get me off my butt.

Stay tuned as I post endurance sports education, training tips, gear reviews, etc.  Should be interesting, I hope.

Until then…

Train on!!!

Beautiful Ride up Lookout Mountain

Oh, the joys of fall… this may be the last day of perfect weather to ride.  Low 60’s, sunshine, not too crowded…  gotta love it.


Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado is one of the most beautiful rides around, and I’m lucky to have it right in my backyard!

Now it’s about time to start training for the Napa Valley Marathon.  Official training plan starts on October 13th, and I’ll keep everyone up to date on the progress.

Wish me luck.  Until then…